The Sweet Dreams Guide

The Romance Mystic's Tools for Getting Less Fright, More Insight From Your Nightly Dreams!

About Kiddo Elliott & This Book

I'm Kiddo Elliott, aka The Romance Mystic, and I am on a mission to inspire TRUE love between the sheets . . . and divine cooperation between the sexes. 

In The Sweet Dreams Guide, however, I wanted to give you access to a few of the most profound tools for personal and spiritual growth. Some of which are only to be found inside an authentic mystery school training and tradition. 

PLUS, I'll divulge some of my most interesting personal practices and unique tools that have made me something of a marvel to my friends and acquaintances when it comes to my abilities to harness the power of my night-time dream life. 

So in this book, I address TWO important goals for your sleep time... 

First, I'll share a few ancient spiritual practices to help you reclaim healthy, nightmare-free sleep full of good dreams. So if you've been getting visits from the so-called Hat Man, for example, or plagued by bad dreams, all that stops now.

I'll also recount my personal experience with this "visitor" and tell you how I stopped "him" for good. Plus, how I managed to get control of narcolepsy and almost never have nightmares anymore.

My second aim for this book is my favorite part, and you'll love it, too!

Especially if you've ever been curious about "lucid dreaming" or "astral projection." Or, if you want to know some best practices for simple dream interpretation and making your dream life one of your best tools for personal growth and insight.

I'll tell you how to always remember your dreams, how to easily interpret them to get AMAZING personal insights and guidance from them, and how to have them "revisit" you from time to time to keep re-inspiring you with their insights and power. 

You'll also learn why lucid dreaming and astral projection are practices which, despite being so popular, you should AVOID ENTIRELY for your mental and spiritual health's sake. 

BUT I'll give you a much easier, safer, and more miraculous alternative. So be prepared for some beautiful experiences!

I wrote this book, in the end, to encourage you to please, don't dismiss the vital importance and miraculous power of your dreams! They are WAY more important and valuable for you than you may realize. 

And if you're one of those who "never" dreams or remembers your dreams, you REALLY need to listen up more than anyone.

Not an exaggeration, this could be an indicator that something is dangerously, silently off for you health-wise. You need to be aware of what could be the cause and see a doctor ASAP.

So, to recap, I'll show you how I have mastered all these skills myself over the last 33 years with a little help from my recent years of training in the world's premier 'modern mystery school.' 

No matter how much you've read about...
...dream interpretation and meaning
...astral traveling
...lucid dreaming
...remembering dreams
...spiritual protection
...or related topics...

...Believe me, there are things in here you will never have heard of before (and can't find outside of long years of devoted study in the very few genuine mystery schools of the world).

Get a copy today and join the very elite few who know how to make their dream time some of their most important hours of all.

No matter what, I wanna thank you for stopping by, reading this far, and thoughtfully considering if this book could be the blessing to you or a loved one I truly hoped it could be. You honor me with your time, and I want you to know I don't take that for granted.

Til Next Time, Sunshine,
I Wish You Sweet Dreams!


© 2023, Kiddo Elliott, The Romance Mystic